How can I open and edit my user profile?

Log in at the M3W Games website for viewing and editing your user profile, then click on the Your profile icon in the left sidebar:

Profile data are stored at another website so the table with your profile data will be opened there.

If you do not want to log in and play, and to receive informative emails in the future you can disable your account by clicking on the Disable My Account button below the profile data table.

Click on the Edit tab if you want to modify your data.

If you have a social account in a social network such as Google, Facebook or LinkedIn, you can link your existing M3W account to your social account; with this link, you no longer need to enter the password when you log in into the M3W Games website.

In the Language settings section, you can set the language of the M3W webpages and of the informative emails we send to our players from time to time.

If you do not want to recieve such emails mark the Don't send mails box in the Mailing list setting section.

Fill in or do not fill in the other fields - as you like. Please, enter real data into the fields education, gender and birth year for we need them for evaluating the measurement results gained by the games. However, you may use an alias instead of your real name.

Finally, do not forget to press the Save button.

Click on the Games button in the left sidebar to go back to the M3W Games website.

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